Wet-Core Install

Posted on by Gena Guillen

Yesterday was an exciting day at the Seattle Center. Method Homes delivered the two wet-cores for our House of the Immediate Future. Both the first and second floor wet-cores were installed. The first floor core contains the kitchen, a bathroom, and a mechanical closet. The second floor core contains a bathroom, laundry room, and several closets.

The prefabricated modular wet-cores reduce waste and efficiently concentrate mechanical, plumbing and heating systems where most schedule and cost overruns typically occur.

Additional features of the wet-cores include:

  • Panelized wall units allow efficient construction by volunteers.
  • Wet Core combines all plumbing, electrical, and mechanical systems.
  • Spaces around the core are open, flexible, and adaptable.

But despite their name, it is a good thing the weather stayed dry during installation – wet-cores can’t get wet! They will remain tightly covered until the exterior walls and roof are complete.

Check out the full photo album.